Helical Piers have many advantages over traditional concrete piers for decks.

  • They can be installed in many different soil conditions without excavating.
  • Installed with a compact excavator for minimal ground disturbance.
  • Building can start immediately after installation.
  • Cost comparable to concrete piers.
  • Support up to 40,000lbs per pier
  • Better frost resistance than concrete piers.
  • Custom mounting options available. 
  • Life expectancy of  150 years.
  • 75 year limited warranty.

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Standard Deck Pier Pricing

1 Helical $550 Each
2 Helicals $500 Each
3 or 4 Helicals $475 Each
5 or more Helicals $450 Each
7 foot extension $250 Each



Foundation Cracks?

Cracks in your foundation could be a sign of settling. A problem that should be addressed sooner than later.

Custom Helicals Available

  • Light Pole Bases
  • Tie Backs 
  • Tilt up Construction
  • Foundation Repair
  • Dock Supports
  • Installation 30+ Feet Deep